For a vigorous, fulfilled life, for a life in balance

Hypnosis therapy – Realize your full potential

You need more inner strength to master the challenges of your life, for example examinations? You are looking for new perspectives and ways to deal with seemingly insurmountable obstacles? You long for a greater sense of security, a steadier balance, in order to face your fears and crises with more calm and tranquillity? You would like to free yourself of pain as much as possible?

Let me apply my experience and knowledge of hypnosis therapy to help you achieve these goals, to help you develop your full potential, realize your ambitions and lead a fulfilled, content life.

My expertise encompasses various methods of mental training, hypnosystemic communication and hypnosis, ranging from the time-proven, standard, clinical methods to the recently introduced Simpson Protocol. All these methods have one thing in common: they are carried out in short therapeutic treatment that can gently produce sustained effects and open new perspectives. Depending on the issue at hand and your personal needs, the treatment encompasses a maximum of 10 sessions, whereby initial results may be often visible after only one or two sessions.

I will be happy to welcome you to my practice and answer any questions you might have during a first telephone or skype consultation.


Gertraud Rieger


Hypnosis and hypnosis therapy


For most people hypnosis is a natural, powerful path to the full realization of their potential, creativity and productiveness. What is the source of this power? It lies in our mindful concentration on our individual inner images. This produces heightened activity in certain parts of our mind, depending on the activities focussed on and the emotions they evoke, while other parts become more dormant. The thus induces state – the trance – may resemble a flow of consciousness in which “everything goes smoothly” or it may be experienced as a state of deep contemplation, intense concentration or heightened creativity. All these states can contribute to helping us regain full control over our actions – in a way that might surprise you. You will come to see yourself from a new perspective. Old habits of thought and behaviour, projected images and erroneously held beliefs can thus be corrected.


During therapeutic hypnosis one is generally completely relaxed, receptive and creative. The therapy is carried out in a sitting or lying position or even while in motion. The therapy’s goal is to help you access your inner images and feelings, enabling you to perceive them much more intensely than in a normal waking state. Discover possibilities and opportunities that were previously inaccessible in your normal day to day life dominated by logical thought and rational behaviour. Nevertheless, as in the case of a pleasant daydream or an engrossing movie, you will remain in full control of yourself.


My special service

  • first consultation to identify your particular needs
  • telephone crisis intervention for regular clients
  • home visits, if necessary
  • CD recording of the therapy session (by request)
  • cost-free bonus for clients: Short-term instructions on the topics of Easy Learning, Embodiment and Self-Management

Terms and Conditions, Payment

Sessions generally run from 1 to 1,5 hours, depending on scope.

95 Euro per hour, 140 Euro per 1,5 hour session.

Some costs for alternative therapies, including hypnosis therapy, may be partially covered by private health insurances, depending on the private insurance policies and the contract conditions. Please call your health insurance company and inquire what percentage will be reimbursed.


  • For home visits within the city of Munich, an additional 25 Euro flat rate travel cost is charged.
  • Payment by invoice or cash at the end of each session.
  • My hypnotherapeutic services are VAT exempt according to art. 4 German VAT Act.


It is possible to cancel an appointment up to 24 hours in advance. If the appointment is not cancelled or cancelled on shorter notice, full cost of session will be charged.